10 Best Quadcopters and drones for 2014 and Gift giving

UPDATED 11/2014 – we also update every couple days during the holiday season!

Here are some best bets for drones and quadcopters this upcoming gift-giving season – whether looking to gift yourself or a family member/friend.

Please read notes in ALL CAPITALS

Note – these quadcopters can vary in cost depending on vendor, options, etc. but the following will give some idea of the price ranges.

Also note that many of these are not for beginners! Rather they are upgrades after you’ve learned the basics of flying and know exactly what features you desire. Quads best for beginners are marked with an *

We do not suggest the very tiny “nano” thumb size quadcopters for learning or beginners! Here is why.
We do not suggest the new Parrot Rolling Spider – as our review of it showed it to be buggy and not ready for the market.

Under $100

*Blade Nano QX – Micro Quad with great features
Amazon Link Blade Nano QX
*Hubsan X4 H107L – updated version of the most popular micro- beginners should purchase the option prop guard.
Amazon Link – Hubsan X4
Hubsan X4 and WL v636
*Syma X5 – Inexpensive, reliable, good parts and knowledge availability (lots of owners!) – the model with a X5c designation includes a camera.
Amazon Link to Syma X5Amazon Link to Syma X5c

Syma has recently introduced the X 11 – which is sized right in-between a micro and a mini. It is getting good reviews – so we feel comfortable recommending it.

*WL Toys v636 Skylark – Newer and more advanced “toy grade” mini – see our review.
Bangood Link (worldwide shipping)

*Dromida Ominus – Another advanced toy grade quadcopter which is getting very good reviews! This is somewhat similar to the WL Toys v636, but perhaps a step up in total quality.
Link to Dromida Ominus on Amazon

WL Toys v262 – Larger version of a 212 series with decent payload capacity (see our review)
Amazon Link for v262
WL Toys V262 Cyclone UFO 4 Channel 6 Axis Gyro Quadcopter 2.4Ghz Ready to Fly (Green)
Note- mid-2014 price of under $70 is a great bargain and if you have a large open outdoor area to learn in, it can be a great first or, better yet, second quadcopter.

NOTE – ALL OF THE ABOVE QUADCOPTERS USE “BRUSHED” MOTORS WHICH WILL NEED REPLACING AFTER A COUPLE HOURS OF FLIGHT. Keep in mind that a couple hours of flight can easily mean 25-40+ total flights as each flight is approx. 8 minutes.

Under $200

Eye One Extreme – Brushless quadcopter (Approx. $150)
Link to Manufacturer
NOTE: Not for beginners – read reviews and become familiar with spare parts, etc. you might need. Lots of extra accessories for camera flying, larger payloads, sport flying, etc.

Eye One Extreme Quadcopter

Eye One Extreme – shown with optional camera

Under $300

Blade 200qx – a very nice “sport quadcopter” – although a little pricey. You will need to buy a Horizon Hobby Spectrum Transmitter along with the quadcopter (if you don’t already have one).
Amazon Link to Blade 200qx

Skyartec Buttefly – is in this size range – never became very popular, but those who own them like them
This would be the “mode 2″ for USA customers:
Amazon Link to Skyartec Butterfly (good price – but you need to add or have battery and charger)

Banggood (worldwide shipping) Skyartec Butterfly Quadcopter RTF

Around $400
Parrot A.R.Drone 2.0 with new GPS add-on and flight recorder
AR Drone Link
GPS and Flight Recorder Link
NOTE: The AR Drone operates differently than most quadcopters and drones in that it uses a tablet or smart phone for control. This is not as exacting as the standard R/C controllers. It also has a much shorter range than other, more standard, models.

Note – Parrot has recently released the BeBop Drone which is much more advanced than the AR Drone. It sells for about $500 and can be found at Best Buy, the Apple Store and select other retailers. NOTE: do not buy this without doing your research around the web AND having a 30 day return period. This would be our recommendation on most brand new products as the reviews are not yet in!

Most of the quadcopters listed below feature GPS and other stabilization features, making them purpose built for photography and aerial video. Still photography is quite easy to do with a low priced setup – as is amateurish video. However, decent video requires a camera gimbal – which is a device that keeps the camera level and vibration free. In general, fully equipped quadcopters with a gimbal and camera start at about $1000. The best value in an RTF (ready-to-fly) video package is probably the DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ which provides everything you need except for a smartphone or tablet – for about $1200 US. See the “about $1200″ below as well as our DJI section for more links and information. NOTE – There is an older model of this being sold for a discount – unless you 100% know that you want this older model, spend the extra money and get the “version 2.0″ or “V3″ designated model. It should cost about $1299. US – DJI is having a Christmas Sale where they offer a free extra battery which is a $130-$150 value. You can access the DJI Store at this link – then go to Store or Products to see the specials

In summary – decide exactly what you want to do with your quadcopter or drone before purchasing. Surf around the net, check out our books or join our (or other) forums and ask questions.

About $500
DJI Phantom FC40 (with camera) has been on sale for about $500.
(Note – here is a new article with the 4 different DJI Phantom models explained)
You can also still find the original Phantom model (no camera) – at about the same price.
DJI FC40 Link at Amazon
FC 40 Worldwide Ship at Banggood

Blade 350 QX – Advanced Quadcopter with GPS, Altimeter and more – be sure to buy version 2 – which has a white battery door (earlier version has red is available – but should cost much less).
Link to Blade 350qx

Blade 350 QX

Blade 350 QX

Under $900
The Phantom 2 Vision (with camera, but no video gimbal) is a complete solution in a ready to fly Quadcopter – includes a high quality still and video camera, FPV, telemetry and much more. The price has been greatly reduced and it can now be had for about $800.
Amazon Link to (older – no gimbal) Phantom Vision
DJI Vision (older- no gimbal) – Banggood Worldwide Ship

3DR Iris+ – Advanced programmable expandable quadcopter from 3D Robotics
(this should not be a first quadcopter for most – very advanced and capable – do your research on it!)

About $1300 (with two batteries)
The Phantom 2 Vision+ is packed with most every feature that a aerial photographer wants, including GPS with waypoints, stable gimbal for smooth video, camera, long lasting battery and more. Check out our recent review.
We never suggest buying any expensive quadcopter as your first! Mess around with the toy grade models until you get the hang of operation.

Make sure you understand about the new upgrades DJI has just announced – November, 2014. We suggest paying a little more (link below is to newer model) for the upgrades. Here is our forum announcement and links explaining the upgraded model.

Link to Phantom Vision 2+ – NEWEST MODEL with TWO Batteries – about $1200 USA

Also, you can purchase worldwide – with free shipping – direct from the DJI Web Store. This way you are sure of getting the newest model. Click here for the official DJI store which includes discounts and holiday specials.


If you are a serious enthusiast who wants to take the highest possible quality 4K video…AND, your wallet is quite fat, the new DJI Inspire is the very top end of current hobbyist and “prosumer” lever Quadcopters. It is just starting to ship now, so you may or may not receive it before the holidays – however, both Amazon and DJI are taking orders.

DJI Worldwide Store Link for the Inspire

Amazon Link for the Inspire below:

Discuss, ask questions and add your comments on our forum thread.



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