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WL Toys v212 and v222 have some early problems

Discussion in 'Specific Models of Quadcopters and Drones' started by webman, Jun 13, 2013.

  1. webman

    webman Administrator Staff Member

    Yeah, one of those was the copter we are giving away!

    But this post is for those who want to buy these newer machines. The factory has admitted a problem with the first batch which causes drop out of the wireless signal. It appears to be somewhat related to whether there are a lot of other signals nearby (wireless), but we can't be sure.

    Those considering buying these quads should wait a couple weeks and make certain that the stock they order are the new ones.

    We are going to switch to a different model for the remainder of the giveaways just to make sure! It's a shame because I definitely want a v222 myself for the collection.
  2. WaikikiBob

    WaikikiBob New Member

    It is a shame with the new versions that this stuff has happened. I know that with the V212 alone there were two different boards that were shipped since release. Then you have the problem of antennae lengths being inconsistent on the tx and the rx which from what I have read can cause issues. Then you have the known twitch with the v212 where every minute or so the quad will "twitch" (you can visibly see a jerk) and then suddenly head forward left. There is also the reports of random dropouts.

    I have heard the term "early adopter" being thrown around in places (not here) as a way to say to people who have defective product that that is the cost of being early. I think that is just wrong. This isn't a tiny problem with just the twitch or other minor thing. Nobody signed an agreement to be a beta tester they expected a finished consistent product. What the companies that are making these and selling these does or does not do next to make it right with customers will determine quite a bit especially for me and this brand of quads and the seller. I see though they ARE still selling the defective quads. Thta is a bad sign.

    Anyway thanks webman for the contest and since the prizes are just that (prizes) you didn't have to do what you are doing as said in your post. This shows what a stand up guy you are. It really gives insight into the good person you are showing to be. Good Job!!
  3. webman

    webman Administrator Staff Member

    I think we have all become somewhat spoiled by the low price of these Chinese "toy" quads. Good for them! If they decide to attack that part of the market (high quantity, low profit) that's their decision. I don't think any hobbyists expect 800 numbers, customer service agents and a factory rep to come to our houses...but we do expect, when we buy from a long established vendor, that the stuff works as well as their previous models. In fact, that's probably the reason we choose a model and a vendor.

    I have never asked for or received a dime from any of my quad or parts purchases due to warranty issues. On the other hand, I expect that quads I receive are basically sound or at least easily repairable if any small problems.

    It is somewhat true that we know what we are getting with sub-$60 quads. Companies like Horizon and Traxxas have made the decision to sell at much higher prices and give some support and warranties. That's their choice too.

    The usual caveat goes with all this stuff. If you don't want to help beta test a product, don't buy the first ones off the assembly line. I use this rule even in software - I rarely upgrade quickly.

    On the other hand, being a pioneer doesn't cost too much in this hobby and you get to claim the title of "first to review or post". But that's not me! I have enough trouble with my own shortcomings as pilot - no need to add built-in trouble!
  4. mikefromgermany

    mikefromgermany New Member

    Anyway, the whole WL-Toys rubbish saying not being able to adopt the Flysky protocol for the new "6-axis" board and therefore changing to proprietary protocol has quite backfired, huh?

    For me (and several others I know of) this particular brand is out of any question until they can prove for half a year at most that they can provide a reliable connection again.

    Every blackout based on faults that came within the construction is a potential danger nobody needs in addition to all the other piloting mistakes.

  5. webman

    webman Administrator Staff Member

    I think it is a difference in culture - which stops them from plainly admitting exactly what the problem was/is - because it might cost them $$ (it won't really - it will actually save money!), etc....

    I have a v262 and so far it appears 100% rock solid. It's hard to imagine that WL doesn't know what the problem was/is. Everyone makes mistakes, but only some are big enough to admit they do and try to make them right...
  6. https://store.dji.com/?_&pbc=oUO3hPYG&pm=link&as=0001
  7. Smokeywoodstover

    Smokeywoodstover New Member

    I bought the V222 from MyRcMart in mid September. Their website says if you pay an extra $6, they will do a "video proof of working" showing that it works. The video is supposed to show it being put in the box with a tamper proof seal. I paid the extra $6 but my box was not sealed. There was a paper inside stating it had been tested before shipment. It has been nearly 2 months and they still have not posted the video to Youtube. They claim they are "too buisy to do it at the moment".
    The helicopter has severe dropout problems and falls to the ground about every 1-2 minutes on average. If I turn the throttle off and back on, it will recover. I told them about the problem but they have not responded for 3 weeks.
    I would not recommend dealing with MyRCMart. I have bought another one from Banggood and use the first one for spare parts.
  8. webman

    webman Administrator Staff Member

    Wow, that's not a good example of customer service! Banggood and Massive will at least try to make things good.....
  9. MassiveOverkill

    MassiveOverkill New Member

    I'm thoroughly convinced the new transmitters we received fix the 'mass dropout' problems. When I sent samples of the old TX design to a customer who just happens to work for a company that makes bluetooth devices, they stated the brunt of the problem was the mismatched coax impedance on the TX module. Their findings make sense as the improved folded dipole antennas we received on our V252 and V262 transmitters have a shorter black coax mated to a folded dipole:


    No one who has reported to have received 'fixed' remotes from Banggood (the only other vendor than us to even admit there was a problem) has shown this new folded dipole design antenna on the units they received.

    I'm convinced that the new folded dipole antennas along with trimming your RX antennas to 31mm (as measured from the solder joint on the other side of the PCB) fixes the majority of dropouts. You obviously don't have to trim the antenna on V252s as they use a printed PCB antenna.

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