What is the most inexpensive FPV system I can put together?

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    Which is the cheapest fpv system to use for a mid-sized quadcopter or multirotor?
    (This includes the transmitter, monitor, receiver, etc)

    There is no such thing as cheapest...you can always save even more, but I put a basic system together and explained it here:
    https://www.droneflyers.com/2014/ ... quadcopter-project/

    The most expensive part is the monitor on the ground - the problem is you usually get what you pay for! All in one units such as the one I used (battery, monitor and receiver built in) are about $140+. Cameras range from $10 FPV analog units to #808 Keychains ($60) up to GoPro and higher end units.

    Other than that, you only need a $25 transmitter and a composite video cord (or other cord, depending on GoPro or camera model).

    To really save money you can buy a 7" monitor (look on Amazon - these are used for car backup monitors, etc.) for about $30, then add a receiver ($30) and LiPo battery for powering it ($20). In that way, you can probably put a system together for less than $100 (plus camera)

    Note that your range and quality may vary - especially until you start tuning the system with better antenna's and the exact placement of antennas.

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