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    Well, I bit the (financial) bullet and bought a Mavic Pro Platinum Fly More combo.

    I hadn't intended to spend so much, the budget really topped out at 'Spark'.
    However in a moment of weakness the "Minister for War & Finance" gave me the OK and it was a case of 'strike while the iron is hot'.

    A week or so of waiting ensued and then...

    The Mavic Pro arrived yesterday. I was all set to have a familiarisation flight (or at least set everything up) last might; BUT naturally all the flight batteries and the controller were flat. So I had to charge those buggers last night.

    Maybe get a chance for an inaugural flight tomorrow.

    I was a bit disappointed to discover that the DJI charging block only charges the batteries sequentially, not all at once... what a jip

    In the meantime I have been devouring some YouTube drone videos. This this end if anyone has any recommended channels and/or specific Mavic Pro tutorial videos - please do tell :)
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    Well to report - my first drone flight was a success though I really didn't know what I was doing so erred on the side of caution and stayed in beginners mode.

    Key learnings:
    - Mounting my Galaxy Note 5 in the controller and getting the cable right and not screwing up the plug is NOT EASY.
    - The screen of a typical mobile phone (including the note 5) is very crowded, especially for those with less than perfect eyesight and a tablet would be much better !
    - The downdraft from 4 rotating props creates a nice breeze on a hot Brisbane day. (Dyson has nothing on this!)

    So subsequently I have been devouring more videos (I've found the 51drones youtube channel to be pretty good) and ordered an ipad and tablet mount.

    Having received these the other day I'm just waiting for this wind to die down so I can have another fly !

    So far... loving it.
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    Well, the iPad and the tablet mount I bought are good, and make things MUCH easier than using my old phone.

    I was having fun until this flight:

    But everything survived and still goes :)

    Lesson = Altitude is your friend !

    Lesson = Sport mode is NOT your friend.

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