UAV surveying and mapping becomes a new trend

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    The Indian Bureau of Surveying and Mapping plans to use 300 drones to help map the map so that the country has a more accurate map in the future.

    For a long time, India maps lacked higher precision and electronics. According to the "India Times" reported on the 16th, the Indian Bureau of Surveying and Mapping for the first time plans to use 300 drones to map. A national map policy previously adopted by India clearly stated that all socio-economic development activities, natural resource conservation, disaster mitigation planning and infrastructure development require high-quality stereo data. Officials involved in the project said that the use of drones would enable them to produce high-resolution images of rural areas, which would facilitate the digitization of maps. Gilish Kumar, Director of the Indian Bureau of Surveying and Mapping, said: "Our goal is to provide high-resolution maps." He went on to say that aerial photography was used to map earlier, but this method is very expensive and has limitations. The drone can fly freely over a wider area, helping to capture sharper and higher resolution images.

    In fact, with the development of drones and 3D point cloud model technology in recent years, not only India, but also many countries have begun to explore the application value of drones. The impact of drones is clearly deepening and sweeping the world. . As one of the few companies with production capacity in the whole industry chain, China MMC drones have rich experience in surveying and mapping projects in many countries, including urban mapping, river mapping and land mapping. The MMC drone can preset the route and collect data automatically over the work area. In addition, Corbett has established cooperative relationships with a number of surveying and mapping software industry giants such as Pix4Dmapper, and introduced the collected data into an advanced data processing platform to achieve more accurate and demanding reporting requirements. At present, more and more units have begun to use the Corbett UAV for surveying and mapping. While meeting the accuracy requirements of surveying and mapping, they have also achieved good economic benefits.

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