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  1. webman

    webman Administrator Staff Member

    This is a mini-review of the Trackimo Personal GPS (and GSM) Tracker

    I ordered this from Amazon at this link. It does seem like the price can vary, as I paid about $100, but noticed a price of $140 when I returned to look at it again.

    Note: You can click on any of the images below to enlarge them!

    What is it?

    This is a small device which can be carried or attached to objects...which then uses a combination of GPS and the GSM cellular network to provide the location of the device. The Trackimo can be monitored through a app or through the Trackimo web site. It provides a number of extra features such as email or text notifications when certain events occur - or on the pressing of certain buttons. For example, a person who was going hiking alone could carry it and have a button which informed someone that they were lost or hurt.

    What's Included?

    Included in the box are:

    Trackimo unit with battery (weight= 41 grams w/silicone cover or strap)
    USB Cable
    Clip on rear bracket
    Water resistant silicone cover
    Carrying neck strap
    Double sided sticky and magnet for mounting options
    Small screwdriver and screws (for battery cover fastening)
    Quick Start Guide
    12 months of GSM Service ($5 per month afterwards).
    10 monthly text (SMS) alerts included

    This included service is one of the big advantages of the Trackimo because it makes the unit quite easy to set up. No SIM cards, no deals to make with cell companies, etc.

    Initial Setup

    The included Quick Start Guide is very short - a good thing!
    Here are the steps to getting the Trackimo activated:

    1. Charge Battery using the USB cord. This took about 3 hours in my case.
    2. Set unit outside in the clear for 10-15 minutes. Retrieve it and press the power button - the green LED's on the front should flash a couple times, indicating all is well.
    3. Go to the Trackimo web site, sign in (register) and Hit the "Activation" button. You will be promoted enter the ID number (included on a silver tag).
    4. The Trackimo web app should then find your unit and immediately display it's location.
    Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 12.51.32 PM.png
    I'm pleased to say that everything worked as claimed - it was absolutely easy to sign in and get my GPS/GSM unit activated and working.

    First Test

    The combination of cell and GPS can make for a very accurate position - the Trackimo not only showed as being located in my house, but exactly in the room (the room was a sunroom in the rear) where I had it. Since it's mid-winter, I decided to take a short walk through the woods with my snowshoes as the initial test. The Trackimo allows you to set how often it updates it's location - I set this for every 5 minutes initially, although it can be set as low as one minute.

    The map below shows the "History" that the Trackimo gave when I returned.
    Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 2.19.30 PM.png
    The map is not exact as to my route - some of my points were quite far (100 feet) from this tracking. I'm going to try again once I get the unit working correctly (see follow-up post - having some problems).

    There are numerous options in terms of the settings - you can set a "fence" as to how far the unit can go before warning you - and a number of other alarms and actions. You could even put one in your teenagers car to make sure it lets you know when they exceed a certain speed.
    Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 2.20.18 PM.png
    This is a very versatile device as it can be controlled and monitored through any computer, IOS or Android. The IOS app screen is shown below:

    The snow was about two feet deep - and, who knows, I may have run into a bear in the woods today. At least they'd have found my remains if I pressed the SOS button before Momma bear gave me a hug!

    This could be a great product - but there are a number of loose ends in the app and web interfaces as well as the unit itself.
    It seems to work well if you are always outside and in an open area. However, if you go outside and then come back in - as many people do - the apps and location and history seem to not track well.
    Mine, for example, is still showing me at a point where I was over a day ago - even though I have used it today and saw that it knew where I was on a walk and a car ride. It would seem it should default to showing you the last known position (I have it on one minute intervals of history just for testing). Also, the documentation is poor - the user cannot even tell if the unit is off or on! It would be nice if a tiny LED indicated that it was on.

    Numerous other loose ends such as the sales (Amazon) listing showing 30 texts per month included, but the site saying I only get 10. Most all of this can probably be fixed in software and firmware. For now I would not trust a life to it. But I'm going to use it on a quadcopter and it will provide one more level of location should my quad fly away.

    I will update this review as experience is gained.

    I have sent in a support ticket to the maker to ask why it's not keeping any of my history or did the first day, but not since.

    I'll be adding to his mini-review after I mount and fly the Trackimo on my Phantom(s). However, it does appear to be one of the better solutions to finding a lost quad - assuming you can easily lift the extra 41 grams.
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  2. webman

    webman Administrator Staff Member

    My Trackimo stopped working after the first day - that is, the unit works fine (turns on and off, reacts with the proper LED's, etc.) but cannot be found in the Trackimo app or web site.

    I have tried everything I know - and also went back and forth with Trackimo support. Support is very slow (days!) and now, after 3 days, they are going to bump me up to "level 2" support.

    This is a relatively simple device. I asked them to reset my unit as if it wasn't yet activated so I can try again from scratch. But it's going to end up taking me over a week to even get to any support worth my time ( first contacts, after a day or more, were "are you sure it is turned on?", etc.

    Based on other reviews, I can only assume something is wrong with my unit - probably the SIM or something like that. We'll see. But this unit will never be successful without support measured in hours as opposed to days.


    If Trackimo wants to succeed, they must solve problems in hour - not days or weeks. It should be relatively simple - either the unit works or it doesn't. Since they promote the unit as being able to track a loved one, dog or other important situation...they should back it up with excellent support.

    Maybe I'll try another Trackimo- or maybe I'll move on to a unit where the support is quicker.
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  3. jOHN

    jOHN New Member

    Great ! I'll check it out.
  4. jOHN

    jOHN New Member

    Hi webman, I had time today to look into this and it seems very promising. Before I order tho, I have a few questions. I searched their site and could not find any place to ask them a question directly... so.... being that you have actually activated yours, in their activation info it is stated: "After an initial charge, activation of your new device on the Trackimo website allows you to choose a service plan without any need to deal directly with separate service providers."
    Choosing the service plan... ?? Is that one of their service plans ?... or is it selecting T-Mobile, ATT, est. through them ?? My concern is actual coverage provided here in west Michigan. Not all cell services work here on the lakeshore.
    Thanks for your time,
  5. webman

    webman Administrator Staff Member

    Since the first year is included...when you activate it says you already have a plan.
    I'm not sure who that is through.....I will look a little deeper. I also think they will charge me for texts over and above a few a month. But still - if you look at it as a GPS to save a quad, you don't need many texts.

    I believe it uses the AT&T network in the USA - that's what others seem to report, but I didn't confirm that through the app or web site. It states GSM - and only T-Mobile and AT&T use a GSM network in the USA.
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  6. jOHN

    jOHN New Member

    AT&T isn't to bad in my area, I'd prefer Verizon. But I would do this with AT&T. I do remember seeing a number on how many texts before getting charged extra... I think 40. and you are right that is plenty more than needed for our purposes.
  7. webman

    webman Administrator Staff Member

    I've seen numbers of 30 texts and one of 12. I'm going to look closer.
    GSM is not what verizon uses, so that's a no-go.
  8. webman

    webman Administrator Staff Member

    Wow - this Amazon prices shows less than $60 and backordered about 10 days...
    (edit - even this changed now.....your mileage may vary)

    Definitely shop around on Amazon or wait if it's over $100.......that's a big price diff.
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  9. jOHN

    jOHN New Member

    thanks man.
  10. jcoop91

    jcoop91 New Member

    I'm also interested to see if your issues with this device will be sorted out. All of the above sounded awesome until this; hopefully it is just a faulty unit, either way sorry to hear about their poor customer service :(
    I just recently watched funtimegrandpa's review of some different trackers
    and just to try it out I ordered the TK102 through Amazon. I will try it out and see how well it works .
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  11. jOHN

    jOHN New Member

    Mine came in yesterday, 2/12/15. I am attempting to activate it now. It has been turned on, and out side for an hour now and the Trackimo "activation" says it it "loading". I really do want this to work but am getting frustrated. In their FAQ's it says it could take up to 30 minutes.
    I will up date this when I get things worked out.... either way.
  12. jOHN

    jOHN New Member

    Ok.... I'm a guy... instructions are not something we always use or read thoroughly. Of course it would help if there were more instructions in this case. The quick start guide is nice and short but gives you a very vague description on how to get set up and activated. Go to Trackimo's web site and READ all of the FAQ's under "Support" - especially "How to I activate my Trackimo device". This little bit of info ( 4 lines) should be supplied in the box with the Trackimo when you receive it..... Now that I have vented <smile> It seems to work very well and will be giving it a work out over the next few days.
    I will report back.
  13. webman

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  14. jOHN

    jOHN New Member

  15. jOHN

    jOHN New Member

    You are right, but the last sentence: "Activate your device by browsing to". Who would think of Immediately going to "Support" to figure that all out. Maybe it's just me, but there should be a basic instruction on "How to" or Overview, right in front of you on their web site . I had to go to FAQ's and scroll down aways to find: 3. How do I activate my Trackimo Device?

    After you have fully charged and turned on your device for the first time:
    1. Browse to our website and click on the Activate Device button.
    2. You will need to enter your device ID; It can be found on the label attached to the bottom of the Box. It is a 7 digit number (e.g., 1000137).
    3. Select a nickname for you device, enter your email address and type in a password.
    4. You will be able to enter your payment details or activation code.
    5. Next, press the SOS button on your device for ~ 4 seconds until you hear a beep and then click the Orange “Activate Now! Button.
    6. You will get a confirmation email; once confirmed, you’re ready to start tracking your device.
    I'm not a tech type person so this stuff doesn't come easy to me.
    Sorry for my ranting.
  16. jOHN

    jOHN New Member

    Well, I had some time over the weekend to use the Trackimo. I have it set to update once a second on it's location. I went cross country skiing with it and it tracked me just fine. I flew my Blade 350QX3 in 8 degree F temp twice with the Trackimo attached to the bottom with Velcro, and the Mobius camera running. Everything worked fine. I was a little concerned when I found out there was no app for Windows phone to use the Trackimo but I just logged into Trackimo's web site on my Windows phone and it updated the map just like on the computer. So that all worked well also. I am very pleased with this so far using it as a Drone tracker, it seems to be working well.
  17. webman

    webman Administrator Staff Member

    Hmm, does it allow for update once a second? I thought minute was the quickest....of course, a drone could go a long way in a minute, but it would still tell you where it ended up as long as it didn't fall somewhat that blocked all signals.

    My update - I returned the defective unit and recently purchased another. This one seems to work - it tracked my visit downtown here in Florida (I had it set every five minutes for testing). It also sent me notices on the pressed buttons (the one I returned never did that either).
    See enclosed for screen shot.
    I will be attaching it to the Phantom and trying out some flights....
  18. Amit

    Amit New Member

    Hey guys
    I am heading the Trackimo product development team, I have just read your discussion and first I want to thank you for taking a serious and professional approach to testing Trackimo. We are putting a lot of effort into making the product useful and affordable, and your comments and insight are really appreciated.

    Webman - I apologize for your experience with delayed support answers - it is just that North American sales have been increasing faster than we expected and we are training more people to be able to respond more rapidly - I have taken up your input with the support team and they are studying this case aiming to improve.

    John - we do try to make the operation as non-technical as possible, but there is always room to improve, and if there is anything in particular you might suggest to make the first few steps simpler to pick up on, I would love to hear.

    About the sampling frequency, it is true that the minimal time-step between GPS sample at the moment is 1 minute ; from our study of the original use cases of the device this was found to be the best fit to users needs which also conserves battery and usage time (more samples ==> more transmission ==> faster battery drain).

    However, we didn't anticipate it to be used for Drones at all, and we are getting a lot of input about that - not only from North America, but in Europe and even South Africa as well... so maybe for that use we will consider more frequent samples.

    Please feel free to contact me directly with any more questions ans suggestions, and you are welcome to discuss on too
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  19. funtimegrandpa

    funtimegrandpa New Member

    I just got my Trackimo today and seems to be working well. I see that is gives a location and address but what if we end up in some open area away from roads. do you know if it is possible to get the Longitude and Latitude sent to a smart phone? I am just trying to think the steps out should it be lost. My other tracker I just need to call it and it will respond back with the exact location and I just need to touch it and it will bring up a map and take me to it. I hope the Trackimo will do
  20. webman

    webman Administrator Staff Member

    Unless they change something I don't think it sends anything to you - but the app on your smart phone show where you are and where it a fairly exact location. For example, if I have it on my back porch the app shows it within about 5 feet where it actually is - if you are flying you should always activate the tracking per minute as that way you will have a path to where it is - and also where it ended up. The exception is when it lands somewhere where no cell signal can be obtained....which is also possible.

    Since I am using it on a Phantom P2V+, I have two systems - the Find my Phantom and this. In the end it's just one more piece of insurance - certainly not failsafe, but perhaps worth the $10 per month to someone who flies at distance, etc.

    Note - they must have the GPS data - they just don't show it when an address is present. They are tuning the app for drones (they didn't realize so many of us would be using it) - and maybe they will add "give me long and lat" to the data available. I know they are going to allow quicker history tracking (maybe every 10 seconds, etc.).

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