Syma X5C or X5HW/C?

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Which one?

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  1. Magniko

    Magniko New Member

    I am planning to buy a toy drone for my little brother aged 12. I have come down to choosing between either the Syma X5C or the X5HW/C

    You might be wondering why I consider the X5C as the X5HW is basically a better version of the X5SW, which in turn is an FPV version of the X5SC which again is an improved X5C

    The reason why is that I see alot of people praising the X5C as being probably the best budget drone ever made, and that it's quick, maneuverable and smooth to fly. You can also mount an FPV cam on it
    I have also seen plenty of videos of it going over a 100 meters away from the controller, which is rather impressive

    The X5HW, on the other hand, does not seem have this kind of reputation. I don't know why this is the case. Is it not as good to fly as the X5C?

    The biggest difference might be that the X5HW has altitude hold, while the X5C don't, but otherwise they seem just as flexible. There seems to be an issue with the altitude hold when it comes to doing flips, and I heard alot of critique about altitude hold on toy drons, as if flown in windy conditions the barometer might get confused and you can't turn it off either

    The X5HW's FPV camera also can't accept SD card, seem to have latency issues and drains alot of power. This camera can be replaced if needed with one that accepts memory stick, though. And I doubt there will be any concern with this, as my little brother will be fine with some nice live feed view from the sky, even if it lags. But this is why I also consider the X5HC as it has a better camera, despite it not being FPV

    So far, the only issue I can find with the X5C is that its battery door is rather flimsy, and that its landing gear is rather short compared to other models

    So what I want to know: are there anything that makes the X5C better in your opinion? Is altitude hold worth it? Is the range the same on both? Does the flight time differ? Which one would you suggest me to get?

    I have no problem affording the X5HW/C

    If there are drones within this price range that you'd like to recommend me, please mention them

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