Aerial Photograph Solar PV installation - at sunset with storm coming

Discussion in 'Aerial Picture and Video Showcase' started by webman, May 1, 2014.

  1. webman

    webman Administrator Staff Member

    Just took these with the Mobius. I have a better camera on the way for stills (S95), so hopefully I'll be able to go to the next level.
    eastsolar.jpg eastsolar2.jpg east4.jpg east3.jpg
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  2. jbrumberg

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    Webman- Nice photos. Is that Mobius is mated to your Phantom for those pictures or your V262(?)? Your pictures were one of the motivators driving my build :cool:. I blamed you when I had to evade responsibility for my actions. Wifey did not buy that line of defense. :(

    The Mobius is a lot of camera in a small package. I'll try to blame you again after I get one:p I do not anticipate any difference in outcomes :rolleyes:

    I look forward to your pictures from the S95 as well.
  3. webman

    webman Administrator Staff Member

    This pic is with the phantom but a lot of the earlier Mobius pics are with the v262.

    I cannot tell a lie. I lost two v262's with their Mobius to wind over the past 7 months. Add it up and that's about the price of the phantom. Taking the v262 more than about 150 feet high is asking for trouble....once the wind get's it. The Phantom GPS allows it to much better.
  4. jbrumberg

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    Another reason driving my quad build- increased size, power, and payload capacity. And I did not have to implicate you with the reasonings and justifications to the wife. One of these days there will be evidence of my adventures here. All I have to show presently is videos taken with my Syma X1 paired with an 808 #16. I am positive my build can carry an 808.
  5. drontastic

    drontastic New Member

    Showing great stability in your pictures despite the wind (as I see from the fast approaching clouds).
    Another great photoshoot from the Webman!!
  6. jbrumberg

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    Drontastic- If I have not yet welcomed you already, welcome to Droneflyers. This is a fun site. Post freely and often. I am old and decrepit, and my memory is shot, so if I forget and re-welcome you again in your most recent posts please make allowances for an old man who just happens to be incredibly immature for his age.

    Nice eye BTW on the photo analysis. Webman and his Phantom do a pretty respectable job. I think these photos have not been edited either.

  7. OsvaldoCorns

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