Aerial Photograph Sarasota Florida near Sunset

Discussion in 'Aerial Picture and Video Showcase' started by webman, Dec 26, 2016.

  1. webman

    webman Administrator Staff Member

    Some pics I took today in Florida.
    srqsunset2.jpg DJI_0309.jpg DJI_0322.jpg DJI_0324.jpg DJI_0330.jpg srq-sunset.jpg IMG_7325.jpg
  2. JoeVlog

    JoeVlog New Member

    Very nice pics, any touch up in post or were these raw?
  3. webman

    webman Administrator Staff Member

    jpg - and little or no touch up. The golden hour helps...
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  4. T.C.

    T.C. Member

    hey, nice pictures. I am back after 6 months and no drones. It was a very depressing 6 months. :( Ready to to start up my drone hobby again. :D

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