Phantom 4 Launch - & Hints and Tips

Discussion in 'Specific Models of Quadcopters and Drones' started by webman, Mar 1, 2016.

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    The Phantom 4 comes packaged inside a very nice box - which can easily double as a carrying case!
    Check it out!
    Click to enlarge
    09.jpg 08.jpg
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    Here is a post - as well as Video from a group of Professional Aerial Photographers...their verdict on the Phantom 4? Awesome! So much so that going forward they are unlikely to use much of their other expensive equipment - in their words:
    "Aside from hollywood cinematic productions, is there really a need for anything else? As people become more and more mobile, should the equipment used by professionals not be aligned with their lifestyles?"

    We at droneflyers are very much in alignment with this outlook. Most users are viewing our videos on small screen, mobile devices and computers. There is little need for large sensors and expensive pieces of kit - for 98% of the users and viewers. In fact, a lot of the aerial shots now in broadcast TV and in various Netflix, Amazon and other productions is from basic Phantom 3 drones.

    Here is their video mash-up. I would think the quality suits what most of us do with hobby and light commercial craft.
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    Thanks for posting our video on your forum. We are really happy you enjoyed the production. The quality of the footage surprised us and we have already sold a number of segments which is a good sign.


    Patrice Gaucher LL.B.
    CEO, Aerial Entertainment Studios
    Hong Kong
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    I noticed that B&H had a NAB sale on the P4 for 1299. Buydig had thru ebay sale on Inspire kit for 2099. Amazon is having a major downward trend in prices of the P3 series. Might just be because there has been a over one week sale on the P3S for 399. A new P3a from dealer new for $650. With that price point its hard for one to buy the 3 4K for around $600 or bump up to the P3P for 800
    I really would like to know what models are going to be discontinued
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    My guess is that the 4K model will go bye-bye first.
    I think it would be a smart thing for DJI to just have two - the Pro and the Standard - at $399 and $799.
    That still leaves a big range between the Pro and the P4, but this might be a benefit to DJI...

    I don't see the entire P3 range being discontinued - they have upgraded various internals and the system still fits in with what a lot of the market wants.
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    Thanks for posting or sharing such a nice video,We are really happy you enjoyed the production.Phantom 4 has good features compare than phantom 3.Flight time of Phantom 4 is 28 minutes.DJI Phantom 4 to the new sensational landmark and leader in the industry.
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    My new Phantom 4 experienced a problem out-of-the-box with the barometer or other instruments.
    When I flew it for the first time it went up and then slowly started sinking down despite my having left go of the throttle. It also failed to register that it was dropping (Go app showed 150 feet when it was really at 50 feet).
    When situations like this occur, the usual fix is to reinstall the firmware - sometimes downgrade it and then upgrade again. In my case, I was unable to reinstall or downgrade...the app gave an error (P4 hooked to Mac with DJI Assistant).
    I removed the stock MicroSD card and installed a freshly formatted one. This took the firmware and then the machine flew fine afterwards.
    Make sure you do an IMU calibration and a compass cal after any firmware updates.

    Another thing I learned - when upgrading firmware and doing other operations where your device or computer is hooked to the Phantom 4, make sure you have a good charge in the battery (over 70% or so). For some reason, my battery with 20% would not let the upgrade happen - it froze at 46%. Installed a fresh battery and everything worked almost instantly.

    I hope this helps those who need to troubleshoot.

    For summary:
    Make sure battery has good charge
    Replace the SD card with newly formatted one - NOT the stock card from DJI.
    Install newest firmware using the computer assistant
    IMU calibration
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