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Discussion in 'AR Drone by Parrot' started by Ross Beal, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. Ross Beal

    Ross Beal New Member

    I have a AR Drone 2.0 Elite. It's not real clear which camera takes the photos. I've tried both. The camera button grays out for a few seconds but no photos on the stick or my iPhone. Takes video fine and stores to the stick.
  2. Kevin Sheridan

    Kevin Sheridan New Member

    New to this sport, never flown or built before,I am sparing no expense in building two drones so I want to get this right. I am currently ordering parts to build my son a QAV 250r and I ordered a QAV x for myself. Below is what I have ordered for parts and I need some help with eCalc configurations to give me some specs on what I am building. I am looking for optimal prop size and pitch with the motor and size I chose along with optimal ESC to handle the motors on a 4s 95c 1300MAH Luminier battery.

    OEM Lumenier QAV X and QAV 250r will have PRO Tmotor F40 2600KV motors, Kiss 30 AMP ESC, 4s 1300 MAH 95c Batteries, 5045/3 Props. I seeking to get out of the 250r to 80-90 MPH and my QAV X to 95-100 MPH if not faster with decent fly time!

    My eCalc configurator shows that I am not even close to desired MPH and fly time for both QAV X and QAV 250r and shows my ESC’s, (KISS 30 AMP) are too small and I,need a bigger AMP ESC’s, it also shows my Pitch is way off and shows low MPH for both QAV’s. (I could be entering the wrong information based on lack of experience which is why I need your help)

    Can someone configure both QAV’s for me and let me know the following

    a) What optimal ESC and Prop size/Pitch would be for both build configurations and what prop would you sugest?
    b) What Max Speed will be for both QAV’s QAV 250r for my son and QAV X for myself?
    c)What is the fly time for each?
    d) What is your experienced opinion about the Motors ESC, Battery and Prop selection I choose for each the QAV 250r and the QAV X builds. Is there a more efficient, more powerful lighter better combination you would have gone with to make each QAV sick performing drones? if so what would you have chosen?Please email me product info and why you would have gone that route so I can research and change products before I build.
    e) What is it you would do to maximize each QAV with the Motor, ESC, Battery and Prop to get the most out of each QAV.

    You can email me at or text me at 989-359-1026 I will be building these QAV’s this week and parts are arriving dailey so time is off the essence and I need an experienced FPV Drone builder to help.
  3. Ross Beal

    Ross Beal New Member

    I've found the problem. Wish it was mad clearer in the instructional video. Photos cannot be stored on the usb stick, and are sent to the control device. You have to give the drone permission to access your device photos.
  4. Ross Beal

    Ross Beal New Member

    Kevin - You posted to the wrong thread.
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  5. paigemoody547

    paigemoody547 New Member

    maybe its camera is out of order or moving objects

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