No Drone Jammers! No UVA Defenders!

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how the uav defender works?

  1. block wifi signals

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  2. disrupte GPS signals

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  1. pakala

    pakala New Member

    I am a quadcopter head, DJI Inspire I is my favourite. But my flying got big touble from those UAV defenders or drone jammers. I can not control my copter with remote control pad, some signals are blocking the transmittions. I checked around, there was a guy took a gun shape weapon with two antennas, something like a drone jammer or UAV defender . That is a crass situation who developed these kinds of gadgets which can out-off-air normal quadcopters. Try some questions on these gadgets of UAV defender or Drone jammer , 1)do they block 2.4GHZ, 5.8GHZ and GNSS? 2) can they cut off quadcopter's signal within 2-3km? 3)are they possible to take over the control pad of auadcopters? I do desire to know how the uav defender ( works? how to readdress the current crass situation?
  2. VladTepes

    VladTepes Member

    The site specifically states it is RF neutralization.

    So a normal quad copter etc is stuffed, yes, but if the drone has a 'return to base on loss of signal' you'd probably get it back.
  3. VladTepes

    VladTepes Member

    oops, just realised this was a really old thread. Sorry for the resurrection.

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