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    So I recently 3d printed a drone frame that folds down and easily fits in my pocket. unfolded it is roughly the size of a Hubsan Quads x4 h107l. after noting how easily it fit in my pocket, I wanted to build a drone using this frame that i could pull out of my pocket and fly with my phone at any time. the frame has a spot for a camera so i would like to incorporate one into the design. Now i have seen micro drones that fly using a "Remote" app on a phone, heck, even the phantom drones can stream their video to your phone and i think even some parrot drones fly using your phone and just overlay a transparent control scheme over your video feed. so my question to you fine people is this: are there any micro control boards that you know of which can be controlled using a similar app? ive been looking all over and i have not seen a clear answer to this. i found this Instructable (http://www.instructables.com/id/Easy-Android-controllable-PC-Interfaceable-Relati/) but this does not include a way to stream video. I'm also not sure where i would safely mount the radio board. any help would be appreciated

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