New Product Announcement MMC released Griflion H hydrogen fuel cell drone

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    The leading industrial drone manufacturer for commercial drone solutions of China- MMC. recently launched Griflion H, a groundbreaking modular hydrogen fuel cell drone platform that uses proven, stable hydrogen fuel cells. Greatly improve the endurance of the drone. The high protection standards and long battery life make it suitable for use in extremely harsh environments (such as rain and snow, alpine regions, high-temperature fires, etc.), and will make a difference in many fields such as rescue and field exploration.

    1, modular design to meet a wider range of needs

    Designed for a range of applications in surveying, inspection and monitoring, Griflion H is the first of its kind to offer an adaptable, modular hydrogen fuel drone platform with a maximum load of 5.1kg. A variety of payloads can be replaced at any time according to the needs of the operation. The load is quickly integrated with the task compartment and quickly taken off. A multi-purpose machine is available to meet a wide range of operational needs.

    2, 15 hours long battery life, improve work efficiency

    The voyage is a prerequisite for industrial-grade drones to solve all operational problems, and Copte has maintained the history of drones. It is reported that the Griflion H drone released this time is equipped with a 9L size gas cylinder, the maximum gas storage capacity is 27L. When using this capacity hydrogen fuel gas cylinder, the drone is fully loaded for 15 hours, and the drone is refreshed again. The battery life avoids the multiple take-off and landing operations of large-area and long-line operations in the past, greatly improving the operation efficiency. This is also the biggest highlight of the Griflion H new drone launch conference.

    3. Industrial-grade flight control and navigation system for better stability

    It is reported that this new hydrogen fuel cell drone Griflion H uses a specially developed industrial-grade flight control and navigation system to realize the autonomous flight of the drone's vertical take-off and landing, flight attitude conversion, mission cruise and so on. High reliability and advanced control algorithm make the UAV have good stability, fast response, high navigation accuracy and good wind resistance.

    In addition to the development of drones, MMC Aerospace is one of the few companies in the UAV industry that has the full production capacity of the entire industry chain, providing complete project solutions for customers around the world – from project inspection and mapping to inspection and Monitoring. The official launch of the Griflion H drone has enabled MMC to have more efficient product support in a number of UAV customization projects, consolidating its leadership position in the entire UAV industry chain.

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