Is a brushless motor better than a brushed motor?

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    What are these brushless motors and why are they better?

    Brushed motors have been around for over 100 years. They rely on "brushes", which are magnets that actually touch the spinning shaft of the motor.

    Newer brushless motors are more sophisticated and electronic means (ESC - or Electronic Speed Controller - usually external to the motor) to control the rotation. This is done without any physical part (like brushes) touching the motor shaft. The result is a longer lasting and more efficient system.
    The downside of brushless motors is that they are more expensive than most brushed types - however, in this hobby that extra price is usually more than worthwhile as they will last MUCH longer.

    Most all of the very small motors on toy-grade quadcopters are brushless - note the enclosed pictures - brushless are usually much larger and heavier so not available on micro, mini and nano sized machines.
    Typical Brushed motors on toy quadcopter (X4 Hubsan Quads)
    Brushless motors - Much larger and heavier.

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