Hubsan H501s question... Please Help :(

Discussion in 'Specific Models of Quadcopters and Drones' started by T.C., Jun 5, 2016.

  1. Itshard

    Itshard New Member

    Thanks webman. I have seen other videos of this quad, where the video had less "Jello". I guess a gimbal is my next step.
  2. Itshard

    Itshard New Member

    Did you figure the problem out yet?
  3. Kapellas Antonis

    Kapellas Antonis New Member

    Hello There mate!

    I have the exact same problem with you. After a bodyshell swap the drone seems to fly uncontrollably like it has its own mind. How did you fix it please? Any insight is more than welcome
  4. Timhp

    Timhp New Member

    i have a Hubsan Quads X4 h501s but can never get more that 5 gps satellites on the transmitter plenty on the drone 11 !
    Any ideas as to why and how to solve it as i cannot use follow me or circle
  5. Itshard

    Itshard New Member

    Maybe change where you are flying. Certain areas have a limited exposure to tx satellites. (Only "Follow Me" relies on tx satellites, except for the "Return to Transmitter" failsafe.)
  6. rwid

    rwid New Member

    Mine has the same problem. I noticed when I start flying after I finally achieve at least 3 satellites if it drops down to 2 or less it will toilet bowl until it gets back up to 3 or more. I am going to open up the trx to see if I can insulate the gps module to see if will help. Maybe there is an upgraded module that can be used. Anyone know?

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