Going Wi-Fi-less, need help please

Discussion in 'AR Drone by Parrot' started by Bugstomper2000, Nov 11, 2015.

  1. Bugstomper2000

    Bugstomper2000 New Member

    Planning on going wi-fi-less without voiding warranty, and I am planning on doing so by using the serial port. The drone in question is a 2.0. I found this article showing how to do so with an Arduino, which I am fairly knowledgeable with.
    • Do most people buy a connector or just use individual pins to connect to the serial port?
    • Is it possible to access the footage on both the front and bottom cameras and store it on a flash drive?
    • Would it/Could I program the drone to ignore the ultrasonic and bottom camera as sensors?
    • Could I program it for inverted flight? Obviously I would better secure the hull to the drone.
  2. paigemoody547

    paigemoody547 New Member

    your all questions are correct but the point is I also do not know m sorry dude!

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