Video FPV Vacation video: Narragansett Beach Rhode Island

Discussion in 'Aerial Picture and Video Showcase' started by Akcobra, Jul 9, 2013.

  1. Akcobra

    Akcobra Member

    Here's a video I made from my vacation this year down at Narragansett Beach Rhode Island.

    Ht-450 witespy quad
    Spektrum 6x7 tx
    Immersion 250 mw 5.8 ghz vtx
    Fatshark attitude fpv goggles
    Horyzon hd v3 video/fpv cam

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  2. webman

    webman Administrator Staff Member

    Very neat....vacation vids of the future are going to be different than the old ones!
  3. bruteofvista

    bruteofvista New Member

    Very Nice! Love the guy cleaning the sand.
  4. Akcobra

    Akcobra Member

    Thanks guys. Yeah I thought that guy was going to get out of the tractor and follow it back to me lol. The couple kissing was priceless too, I got lucky with some good candids. What you don't see in the video is all the people who come by and ask about it while I'm flying. People are fascinated by these things and with all the negative press we get from the media it's always nice to be able to show people the positive aspects of our hobby
  5. webman

    webman Administrator Staff Member

    Make sure you tell them to buy the book if they are interested in starting from scratch! An easy way to find it is to go to Amazon and search for hobby drone. It will come up first in the list.
    It's selling well, BTW.

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