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  1. Steve Jones

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    Ok, I'm a 65 year old newbie, with some electronic experience.
    I just got an UPAIR ONE drone V1.2. It only has a 25mW 5.8Ghz transmitter for the FPV signal and a dipole antenna hidden in its legs, and it looks like range and noise are concerns.
    Both the Drone transmitter and the FPV controller have a single button to change channels.

    I'm interested in extending the range and like the features of the TS5800 video transmitter so I can easily install a vertical down Circular Polarized antenna also with added power when needed.
    The problem is, I see the specs for this transmitter (58200) has multiple bands in addition to channels. but the UpAirOne FVP controller does not seem to have a way to change bands. so I'm uncertain if they mix or match.

    1st question: would this transmitter be compatible with the receiver in FPV controller that came with the UpAirOne?

    2nd question is if the channels are compatible (even if on just 1 band) will the drone's video signal pass thru correctly? Is there a standard format for Drone Video?? I'm assuming the flight controller adds drone info on the vertical flyback trace period of the analog video signal.

    3rd question is is there any documentation on these formats out there?
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    Most VTXs and Goggles have at least 40 channels to choose from, one has to be yours.

    That said ~700+M of range seems like enough to me. :) Note he claims it has a 50mW.

    I am not sure if the long range we see is due to the inexpensive Goggles he's using. That said there are a lot of fancy long range FPV antennas for goggles.
    LR antenna

    I would be more more concerned with the annoying camera/gimbal jitter I always see in reviews. Could just be the dampening balls, too soft/wiggly? There are differences.

    You could also try putting a little rolled up soft foam into the balls, many use the soft ear plugs you see at at drug stores, roll them tight and insert. It's kinda like memory foam.
    Cheap ear plugs
  3. Steve Jones

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    Thanks for your information. I've watched a lot of UPair1 videos and my limited experience shows some video intermittents in signal, that is what I was thinking about to improve the transmitter system capability. Several videos show upgrading the transmitter , so so my thoughts turned to upgrading to one with selectable power output and adding a circular polarizing antenna to improve noise from mis aimed antennas. and by doing one, it makes the other easier.

    So with the Drone outbound video improved, I get back to the Original Equipment controller withe the video display. (I don't have a set of FPV goggles at this point). Its nice but now as I said the original system has a single button to change FPV channels. I selected the TS58200 transmitter but it has 6 bands of 8 channels. The transmitter has a way to change bands and power levels with a single button, but the remote controller with a single button and the minimal information the UpAir1 comes with, well I jsut don't know if they are compatible.

    Finally somehow this weekend, getting ready to do another winter flight, it looks like the transmitter has quit sending, or at least the tranmitter and receiver won't synch. I'ved tried going thru sinking by changng channels on first one, hitting that button 50 times and waiting for video, to no abvail. The transmitter cover plate gets hot, so it's gettting power and ground so it's connected. and the receiver in the controller has the blue light visible thru the baffles unerneath the controller, so I'm at a loss.
    1st step is to see if I can get a return authorization, but have not received word back from them after sending in return request twice in 3 days.. We will see..
  4. Steve Jones

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    Oh, Camera Jitter: I've seen and read about them. one thing I've seen several sites say is a great way to reduce jitter is to add a neutral density filter on the lens. That slows down the shutter speed and can help reduce jitter, I used to do that years ago with a hand held Cannon AE1. that did seem to help there,
  5. Steve Jones

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    ...and I forgot another thing. blade balance,. I got the Du-Bro Tru Spin balancer. Originaly I had 6 propellers and they uniformly had some imbalance. 2 were worse than the others. I ordered another 4 Red prob blades from Yiwa via Amazon and when they came in, only 1 needed some and that was less than any of 6 that came from UpAir1, I'm sure this will reduce jitter on videos..
  6. Steve Jones

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  7. RGJameson

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    That's a good way to reduce jello, not jitter. I saw no jello in the vids I've watched.

    Good luck.
  8. Steve Jones

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    Yeah,wrong terminology on my part. I've got a lot of learning to cover regarding aerial Video Photography for effects. causes/cures:

    Judder i.e. Jello effect - shaking of the aircraft - propeller blades, controller software, wind, neutral density filters

    Jitter - The gimbel under/over correcting problem - i/.e. Eagle gaze jerk shifting - gimbel software and maybe some dampening devices

    Interference - Line of sight signal corruption by reflections by nearby obstacles (read up on Fresnel signal effect)

    Loss of signal: Range, antenna signal strength due to alignment or differences between transmitter and receiver not aligned or pointing the wrong way. (lots of discussion possible here)

    Angle correction: moving either the UAC or gimbel too fast or to slow as the desired view changes as you change gimbel angle, \
    or yaw the UAC too much or too little and have to re-compensate.

    Then we have plain old image capture issues: over/under illumination (day vs Night, or in between)

    So far the video I have shot seems to be more over yaw or slow gimbel tracking - both Operator induced! But I've not went too far out, nor ran out of visual range.

    Lots to Learn!
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