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  1. Hello,
    I have been flying drones for a few years now, and over the last several months, I have really wanted to get a pair of FPV Googles to take my experience to a new level and be able to fly a bit differently and more freely. The problem that has kept me from getting something, besides knowing very little about them, is the fact that I wear glasses, and would prefer to keep wearing them while flying, in the event of a video loss, I can take them off and be able to see immediately; however, if need be, I will get contacts or a diopter kit. I am near sighted.

    The rig I want to use them with is my DJI F550 Hexacopter. I have a hard time looking down at the screen on the controler, its just a mind thing that wont let me if you know what I mean, so I want to be able to see what my GoPro4 Sees, but in front of my eyes. I also want the headtracker option to control the pitch on the gimble, which is the Tarot T-2D.

    Im also not very happy with the video I am getting on the current controller mounted monitor, or the signal strength, so I am also looking for advice on a video reciever/transmitter to go along with it, or if you think my current Boscam TS-58200 Video Transmitter. I would like to be able to push a mile or two. Should I be going HD with all of this since Im using the GoPro?

    This rig is worth around $2500- $3000 so Reliability is extremely important, and I do not have that with my current fpv setup... Any help would be awesome! Im wanting to spend between $200-$500.

    So for a recap and make things easier to answer:
    1) What Goggles do you suggest for someone who wears glasses, or do you recommend another route, and will the Goggle require a diopter kit or any other add-ons? (Fat Shark requires a headtracker module)
    2) Do you think my current FVP setup will be sufficient for a 1-2 mile range with slight tweaks, and if so what? Or do you believe I am better off investing in a new FVP T&R, and if so what?
    3) Any other advice for FPV Flying or other insurances you recommend for the rig? I would really like to find some sort of GPS locator incase I ever loose the craft. Stuff like that.

    Thank you so much in advance, for your time! I would like to order something this week!
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  2. Anybody...? Somebody...? :)

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