Drone delivery for roof top moss control

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    Hey everybody. I have an idea that I'm just trying to get some feedback on and consult the experts here on the applications of a drone in my industry. Im in the cleaning and restoration business and a common challenge we face all the time is applying powdered zinc to the ridge lines on roofs for moss control. Most of the time, its not a big deal to get a guy up on the roof with a ladder and get it done but there is a significant number of houses were the pitch/steepness of the roof makes it a huge safety hazard to send our guys up to apply it manually.

    My question to you all is whether it would be possible to accomplish this with a drone. Beyond that, does anyone know of a container that could hold a payload of zinc powder and be triggered to be opened remotely for distribution once the drone is over the ridge line of the roof?

    Thanks in advance for your input.
  2. webman

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    Can it be liquified?
    This is an example of things which are either available or coming.

    As it stands, you'll have to dig around for "agricultural" models and see if any of them are for powders and if they will do the job.

    If nothing exists yet it probably won't be too long before it does.

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