New Product Announcement DJI Upgrades the Phantom 2 line

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    New Phantom 2 models have various improvements.

    Keeping it short and sweet, these are improvements to the compass, to the transmitter and to the propellers and motors. The combination will greatly improve the ability of the P2's to work with heavier payloads - and anyone who has flown a fully loaded Phantom can attest to their need for this!

    When I tested the Phantom 2 Vision+ I noted the heavy feeling of the performance and wrote that I would not purchase one until improvements were made! It may now be time to open my wallet!

    Here is the official announcement and list of improvements.

    MANY vendors are still selling the old model - they are often advertised a little cheaper.
    Our suggestion is to get the newer model, especially if you are buying the Phantom 2 Vision+. This is due to the better stability and larger payload capabilities.

    Here is the new model at Amazon (USA) - in this case it's called version 3.0, but that can be confusing because 3.0 also refers to a software-only update which the older models accept

    Another way to be sure to get the fresh model is to buy directly from the DJI Web Store - they ship worldwide.
    Or, just check with your preferred will know it's the new model if the transmitter has a rechargeable LiPo battery in it and a dial to adjust the camera gimbal (see pic)
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