DIY flight recorder for less than $50

Discussion in 'AR Drone by Parrot' started by IceFyre13th, Jul 18, 2013.

  1. IceFyre13th

    IceFyre13th Guest

    Link to pawelsky's post on how to make your own, great work too!!!

    I see a whole bunch of mods for this coming soon.

    BTW, us Android users are still not able to use this, maybe someday Parrot will get off their butts and give us the same capabilities as the i-freaks's have...............
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  2. LarryP

    LarryP New Member

    We android users are being denied a lot of useful programs. I cant afford ipads so I have a galaxy 2 7 inch tablet. Before I got the drone. Seems like we are being left out . I read that most of the android programs are not as good ss the ipad ones.
  3. Mrmacaman

    Mrmacaman New Member

    wow no way here in NZ parrot has android drones.pc.drones and rc drones..and android has beta free apps
  4. LarryP

    LarryP New Member

    Mrmacaman that is very good for you there seems to be a inbalance here I pad and phones are the holy grail to most developers I cant see why, I am just a normal 60 year old wastewater treatment plant operator and not a way overpaid person who can afford all that status, not that if I were given one I would refuse it LOL. I have an rc aquaintance down your way Michael Hayes I would very much like to visit your area of the world some day. I have had the drone for almost a month now and am getting the feel for it when the winds here on the west coast of Iowa die down, inside is not a place to fly in my house the wifes furnishings are not targets! I see you have a Suzuki emblem I have a 1700 Yamaha Roadstar ,I have been posting on youtube under gofer303. Glad to make your aquaintence.
  5. Mrmacaman

    Mrmacaman New Member

    Wow had my 1st day flying my drone yesterday soo much fun..One semi accident lol But got it all on vid if you guys would like a look.(mrmaca) is my youtube id, im just a 34 year old son of a sparky. So iv always loved playn with techo things more than my pears..hehe i have alot of rc car race time from the past in, electric mod and off road mod classes, i have ownd and played with ay mini rc chopper with a buddy ay fue years back..Now i injoy making vids and still playn rc cars but wanted to film itmore, hence my starting of my resuch into getting a drone . im running my drone stock for a wile on my android tab 10.1samsung note quad core seems to be fine there is 4 drone contrll apps here iv only tryed freeflight..

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