Building a martian III 250mm

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  1. NCchillguy90

    NCchillguy90 New Member

    I"m confused about telemetry. Certain transmitters are necessary? If I get the Run cam swift 2 which has OSD built in... Can a flysky i6 transmitter/ receiver still allow the Swift 2 to display the OSD onto the goggles? I got a f4 FC that has a buzzer, will it only work with a certain transmitter?


  2. RGJameson

    RGJameson Active Member

    Yes it's a camera thing, has nothing to do with your i6 transmitter/ receiver. You will need to run a wire from VBAT+ to somewhere on the quad where there is raw LiPo voltage, that way that you can monitor your LiPo voltage in the OSD also.

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