Are quadcopter and aerial robots a "disruptive" technology?

Discussion in 'Q and A Archive' started by webman, May 17, 2014.

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    I know about the use of drones for security and hobbyists, but is there any reason to think that the Rise of the Drones is much bigger - something like the disruptions caused by the internet, computers, smart phones and other advanced in tech?

    The big picture is that this is a major revolution and "disruption", although not at the level of smartphones or tablet computers. Never the less, it will revolutionize photography and video as well as many other related fields.

    It is the "real thing" when it comes to the robotics revolution. Think about it - land based robots need to spend most of their processing power and energy simply to navigate the terrain. Boston Dynamics (now owned by google) spent virtually billions developing some which could mimic soldiers or donkeys.

    However, put very simple robotics into the air and you instantly avoid most of those mundane problems...and therefore are free to actually accomplish things!

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