1st flight since Paradise fire. Smokey unhealthy in SF Bay Area

Discussion in 'Aerial Picture and Video Showcase' started by photojunky, Nov 19, 2018.

  1. photojunky

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    This was my first flight since the wildfire in Paradise California started. The air some 150 miles away in the SF Bay Area is still smokey and listed as sometimes hazardous to unhealthy. I have been wearing a mask for days but feel guilty complaining about it after what the poor people of Paradise have gone through. The area is expecting its first rainfall of the season in a day or so which they expect will trigger landslides. There is no winning right now for the people of Paradise whose town was completely burnt down.
  2. VladTepes

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    I wish I had a deck to use as a launch pad. Or a decent back yard or that matter :)

    Seriously though we here in Australia are acutely aware of just how devastating large wildfires (well call them bushfires here) can be; and are very empathetic with those in Paradise and other affected places.

    Thanks for sharing the video with us, amazing smoke travels so far.
  3. photojunky

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    It was terrible. I feel terrible for the people who lost everything.
    The problem with my deck as a launch pad is, there is very little room for error. I have had to do the "knock of shame" twice on my neighbors doors to retrieve my drones.

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