Mobius Sport, Dashboard and Aerial Cam – First look and review

Quadcopter pilots are quite familiar with very small cameras, especially the “keychain cams”, which are very lightweight (20-30 grams) and take video up to 720p. These are capable of being flown by smaller quads than heavier cams like the GoPro, Sony Actioncam, etc.

However, even the top-dog keychain cam (the 808 #16) lacks many of the features of the more advanced action cameras.

The new Mobius attempts to address many of these shortcomings – and at a price that will please most hobbyist. Let’s take a look at what this camera can do.

1. 1080P HD Video
(1080p-30fps or 720p-60fps or 720p-30fps)
2. High resolution still photo capability including time lapse interval shooting – take a picture every X seconds.
(25, .5, 1, 2, 5, 10, 30 and 60)
3. Advanced settings such as exposure, etc.
4. Loop recording – perfect for use as a dashboard or security camera.

Mobius Camera

Mobius Camera

In terms of size and weight, the camera has these approx. specs:
35mm wide x 61mm long x 18mm thick
1 1/4″ wide x 2 1/2″ long x 3/4″ thick
Camera weight = approx. 40 grams bare

This size and weight can be flown by many quadcopters – but preferably not by the smallest micro’s and minis. Payloads over about 20-25 grams tend to tax those systems. However, a number of quads are either available now or “coming soon” which will fly this camera well. Examples include:
1. WL Toys v262
2. Parrot AR Drone
3. Eye One Extreme
4. The Flip by witespy
5. Skyartec Butterfly
6. Walkera QR-X350
7. Blade 350 QX

In terms of price, these quads run from about $90 to as much as $450-$500 – at the higher end you get GPS and other advanced features. On the low end (v262), you get a quadcopter capable of easily flying the Mobius for a bargain price! See our upcoming v262 First Look and Review.

Discussing technology can be a bore! After all, this site is for those either getting started or advancing in the hobby – so let’s get to some of the meat of the matter – that is, the images and video! Click on these pictures (first to full screen and then again for full-size) and see the full-size versions.

Picture from above

Picture from above

View from high above Portsmouth, RI

View from high above Portsmouth, RI

Here are some videos – keep in mind the original videos are better, these are compressed and downsized by vimeo or youtube. Also, make certain to view in larger or full screen with scaling off:

Below video was on windy day – shaking is the fault of the quadcopter and the wind, not the Mobius camera.

Below is a picture of the Mobius along with it’s control and features.

Mobius Cameras with controls and other features

Mobius Cameras with controls and other features

Camera options can be adjusted in a number of ways. There are free programs available for Windows and Android for easy selection of modes and other settings. As of this writing, there is not a Mac version – however, settings can be adjusted via a text config file on the memory card – something which requires a small amount of computer knowledge (ask for help here or on RC groups, etc.)

Various mounts and other accessories are available for the Mobius, although most quadcopter pilots will likely make their own in order to save weight. An example of a quickie mount I made to take the sample pics enclosed is shown below – this was made from aluminum sheet and is held in place by a long thin tab which extends through two slots on the bottom of the battery holder on a v262. Care must be taken to extend landing gear and perhaps pad the bottom of the camera so it does not contact the ground when landed.

Quick Mounting of Mobius on v262

Quick Mounting of Mobius on v262


Bottom line – this cam is another winner thanks to all the good folks who helped design the specs and the accompanying software.

IMHO, most folks would do better flying these cams than gambling with $300+ GoPro cams…..

Owners Manual (PDF) and description:

Links to most info:

Tom Frank (the designer and main force behind these cams!) – thread at RC Groups:

US Vendors (search mobius or look around)

Amazon Link

Ebay China Vendor:

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