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Happy Holidays to ALL.

We will post the most popular holidays sales on this page and keep it updated. Note that we also have a Forum Thread where we will post these and other items. This article will be shorter and only feature the very best deals.

NOTE: Please inform us at cissod (at) or using the contact form here or on the forum if you know of some additional great deals. Or, use the Facebook Comments below.

#1 – The Largest selling models feature some of the best sales this year – specifically the DJI Phantom 3. 2 Models are on Sale – the Phantom 3 Standard and the Phantom 3 Pro. The sale details are here at this link – we have reviews for both here on the site if you are not already familiar with these birds. The sale extends through CyberMonday.
Basics of Deal
Phantom 3 Standard w/stabilized camera – now $599 (unheard of price!)
Phantom 3 Pro with extra battery – now $1159 (that’s $100 of and a $150 free battery).
DJI Link – worldwide and USA – shipping is quick and free.
Amazon Links – if Amazon is your preferred source
Phantom 3 Standard
Phantom 3 Pro

The Yuneec 4K Q500 is $200 off at Amazon:

BestBuy also features sale prices on many other quadcopters they stock.

Parrot Bebop is $394 on Amazon! That’s $100+ off and the lowest price we’ve seen.

#2 – All of our ebooks are FREE for download over the next couple of days (Nov 26-30). You can find a link to these ebooks at this forum post.

#3 – Another book – Drones for Dummies – is free for a limited time. This one does require that you fill out a form with some information, though. Link is here.

#4 – Looking for a “toy grade” camera drone to get started? One with a good sale price is the UDI on Amazon – less than $50.

Amazon and Banggood (US and other warehouses) have various deals – but prices on many of these toy units stay low throughout the holidays (or even the entire year).
Here is a link to Banggood R/C US Warehouse Quadcopters.

Here is our forum thread on these and other holiday deals.

10 Best Quadcopters and drones for 2015

Blade 350 QX

UPDATED 11/2015 – We update regularly as new products are released and reviewed.

Here are some best bets for drones and quadcopters this upcoming gift-giving season – whether looking to gift yourself or a family member/friend.

Please read notes in ALL CAPITALS

BLACK FRIDAY AND HOLIDAY DEALS SHOULD AUTOMATICALLY SHOW WHEN YOU FOLLOW OUR LINKS – but if you want to read up on some of the black friday and holiday deals we have created this special announcement page for you to follow.

Note – these quadcopters can vary in cost depending on vendor, options, etc. but the following will give some idea of the price ranges.

Also note that many of these are not for beginners! Rather they are upgrades after you’ve learned the basics of flying and know exactly what features you desire. Quads best for beginners are marked with an *

We do not suggest the very tiny “nano” thumb size quadcopters for learning or beginners! Here is why.
We do not suggest the new Parrot Rolling Spider – as our review of it showed it to be buggy and not ready for the market.

Under $100

*Blade Nano QX – Micro Quad with great features
Amazon Link Blade Nano QX
Red Rocket Hobbies – Blade Nano QX RTF
*Hubsan X4 H107L – updated version of the most popular micro- beginners should purchase the option prop guard.
Amazon Link – Hubsan X4
Hubsan X4 and WL v636
*Syma X5 – Inexpensive, reliable, good parts and knowledge availability (lots of owners!) – the model with a X5c designation includes a camera.
Amazon Link to Syma X5Amazon Link to Syma X5c

Syma has recently introduced the X 11 – which is sized right in-between a micro and a mini. We did a review on it and really enjoyed it, so we feel comfortable suggesting it for a 1st or 2nd quadcopter.

*WL Toys v636 Skylark – Newer and more advanced “toy grade” mini – see our review.
Bangood Link (worldwide shipping)

*WL Toys v959 (new) – This is a classic Quadcopter updated with a better stabilization system. It comes with a camera which can take video or stills. New pilots can remove the camera until they are comfortable with flying the v959. Here is a Banggood worldwide link.
They are also available on Amazon under various names.

*Dromida Ominus – Another advanced toy grade quadcopter which is getting very good reviews! This is somewhat similar to the WL Toys v636, but perhaps a step up in total quality.
Link to Dromida Ominus on Amazon

*Syma X8C Venture
This is a larger “toy grade” units which has become quite popular due to it’s reliability and larger payload capability. It comes with a camera that is of poor quality – but still is good for initial learning. The camera can be easily removed and replaced with something of much higher quality like the RunCam or Mobius. This allows decent aerial photography for about $150 total.
The larger size means this is an outdoor-only machine.
Amazon Link to Syma X8C Venture

Syma X8C Venture

Syma X8C Venture

NOTE – ALL OF THE ABOVE QUADCOPTERS USE “BRUSHED” MOTORS WHICH WILL NEED REPLACING AFTER A COUPLE HOURS OF FLIGHT. Keep in mind that a couple hours of flight can easily mean 15-30+ total flights as each flight is approx. 8 minutes.

Under $200

Eye One Extreme – Brushless quadcopter (Approx. $150)
Link to Buy – USA
Link to Manufacturer for Worldwide Purchases
NOTE: Not for beginners – read reviews and become familiar with spare parts, etc. you might need. Lots of extra accessories for camera flying, larger payloads, sport flying, etc.
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DJI Phantom 3 Quadcopter – First Look, Review and Rating

DJI Phantom 3 Pro

FLASH – Please note DJI Black Friday and holiday sales with vast savings! Phantom 3 now starts at $599. Click here for links. received a new Phantom 3 Quadcopter (Professional 4K model) at the beginning of May and have been flying it regularly since then. With about 50 flights under our belts, it time to do a First Look, Review and Rating on this new quadcopter.

We purchased the Phantom 3 Pro (4K) direct from DJI’s online store for $1259.00 including shipping and a single battery. We have since purchased two extra batteries as well as a used Nexus 7 II (2013) for running the DJI Go App (formerly called the Pilot App).

Phantom 3 Pro

Phantom 3 Pro

It is our opinion that this hobby and pursuit is still in its pioneer stages – so we never expect the first release of a new model to be perfect or bug-free. A more important question would be whether most or all of the shortcomings are either acceptable or fixable with firmware and software updates…and, so far, it looks like that is the case. As of the end of summer (2015) software updates have resulted in better reliability – and, DJI has added a number of new features including Intelligent Flight Modes (Point of Interest, Waypoints, etc.).

NOTE: The Phantom 3 is a highly technical aircraft and requires study and skills to fly safely and to keep it in one piece. Despite the marketing materials, a quadcopter is not “for everyone”. Beginning pilots should invest time learning the hobby before putting an expensive model such as the P3 into the air.

The Phantom 3 Basics – more Revolution than Evolution

Note: For some background, please see our article – Phantom 3 Improvements over Phantom 2 Vision +

When the Phantom 3 was announced we thought it was a nice evolution of the popular Phantom line. However, after exploring this aircraft for a couple of weeks we can see that it is more than that. It is simply an unheard amount of technology and capability built into a compact frame for an unheard of price!
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DJI Phantom 3 Standard Review Part 1 – First Impressions and First Flights

DJI-Phantom3 Standard

FLASH – Please note DJI Black Friday and holiday sales with vast savings! Phantom 3 now starts at $599. Click here for links.

DJI has been setting the standard in the exploding consumer drone market since consumer drones first burst on to the scene about 3 years ago. There is no doubt that DJI is the 800 lb gorilla on this playing field, they have done it better, faster, and cheaper than anyone else out there.The amount of technology packed into their current flagship, the Phantom 3 series, is nothing short of astounding when you consider the price point. That being said however, it’s still not cheap. Getting into the AP/AV game with a Phantom 3 will still cost you upwards of $1000, which while a great value considering all the technology packed into this little drone is still a good chunk of change for the average consumer. And that is exactly who DJI is trying to address with the latest addition to it’s lineup, the Phantom 3 standard.
The standard version comes in at a very reasonable $699, which while still not quite at the level of “impulse buy” should be much more palatable for potential customers who balk at the $1000+ price of the Advanced and Pro versions. There is no free lunch however, and you are giving up some of the cooler advanced technology found in the Advanced and Pro.
So is it worth it? Did DJI Hit the mark, or is it too much for too little? Let’s take a closer look and find out.
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DJI Phantom Quadcopters eBook – FREE FOREVER

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 11.12.33 AM

We are pleased to offer our earlier eBook – Buying and Flying the DJI Phantom Quadcopters – for no charge…

This offer is not time limited.

Note: this book covers earlier models (Phantom 1 and Phantom 2) and touches on the Phantom 3. However, those who are relatively new to this hobby will still learn a lot about these machines. Education is the key to successful piloting and hopefully this book will help.

Here is the small print:

1. The book is currently available at Smashwords for downloading in ALL the various ebook formats. This means you can upload it to your kindle or other device (using kindle email – see your Amazon settings) or download the PDF and read it on your computer.
Smashwords Link to Book in all Formats.

2. The book is still copyrighted – please do not publish it online or offline. You may, of course, link to the book at Smashwords or Amazon or to this article. The shortlink to this article is:

If you want to download direct from our site – we have two formats available:
PDF of Book
ePub of Book (Apple uses ePub for ibooks, etc.)

3. The book is still listed on Amazon for $1.99 – that’s the lowest price they allow us to list it at. However, Amazon is likely to automatically reduce it to 0.00 as soon as they determine it is for free at Smashwords. This may provide an easier download for many who are accustomed to Amazon.
This is the Amazon Link.

Enjoy our Articles and Books?
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You can order your Phantoms and Accessories/parts using this link and we receive a small commission (you don’t pay any more!).Thanks!

Note – here are links to our other two books – these are not free, but they are current and available at a very low price:
Getting Started with Hobby Quadcopters and Drones.
Buying and Flying the DJI Phantom 3 Quadcopters.

Thank You!

Craig Issod, Founder

HiSky HMX280 Quadcopter mid-sized racer – first look and review

HiSky HM280 with included Remote

This is a review and commentary on the HiSky HMX280 Quadcopter introduced in 2015 and available at Banggood using this link.

HiSky HM280 with included Remote

HiSky HM280 with included Remote

What is it? – the HM280 is an RTF (Ready to Fly) mid-sized quadcopter with powerful brushless motors. It comes complete with the Remote (TX), the quadcopter, a battery and a battery charger. It sells for approx. $175 which makes it a very good value in this category.
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Crowdfunded, Crowdsourced and Pre-order Quadcopters and Drones Update


Numerous drone startups have funded their development from popular Crowdsourcing sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Others use a combination of Press Releases, Social Media and Marketing to obtain preorders for their machines. This article will take a quick look at many of the most popular such ventures from the past and present.

If you would like to skip the details and read the Summary – Click Here!

Running the Gamut – Dreamers, Innovators, DIY’ers and Marketers

Many of the early Crowdsourced drones were simple designs a step up from the toy-grade models which most quadcopter pilots started with. Others were more interesting, such as the B Flying Car, which raised about $200,000 (US) in 2013.

A few raised much more – up to 2+ million dollars (US). These include Airdog, PlexiDrone, Zano (3.4 Million!). MicroDrone and Hexo+.

The developers of these range from one-person firms (B Flying Car) to larger groups of aerospace, electronic and manufacturing experts.

First Rule of Crowdsourcing and Preordering

Before we delve into the results of some of these popular campaigns, it’s worth reminding the public that there are NO guarantees when it comes to these projects. When you fund a crowdsourcing program you are a believer with a certain amount of faith in the project being completed. The drone may end up not being delivered at all – or being delivered in a form which doesn’t meet the claims. It may be years late and not backed by spare parts and/or service. The original maker may stop answering your queries and/or fade into oblivion.
In other words, it’s a gamble. You should never invest any money in these projects that you cannot afford to lose. You are not buying a quadcopter/drone but investing in a dream and project. As with most investments a loss of capital ($$) is possible. On the positive end you get to feel as if you are part of a larger project and may obtain the product at a lower price than it will eventually sell for.

Remember – as regards the crowdsourced models you are a Backer not a Purchaser.

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The Eachine Racer 250 – A Quality Entry Level Racing Drone for Just $145


Last month I did a review on the Walkera Runner 250.  This was a highly anticipated quadcopter that was supposed to do for quadcopter racing what the DJI Phantom did for aerial video.  Unfortunately Walkera dropped the ball, and sadly the Runner just did not live up to the hype.  One thing it did do however is help shine a light on this fast rising segment of the drone universe.  Drone racing is growing in popularity by leaps and bounds.  The Walkera Runner was supposed to be the quad that brought drone racing to the masses, but by dropping the ball they have left the door wide open for somebody else to pick up that ball and run with it.  Enter the Eachine Racer 250.

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DJI Phantom 3 how to avoid Flyaways and Crashes

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 10.28.52 AM

The new DJI Phantom 3 has instantly become the best-selling quadcopter (drone) in history. However, with tens of thousands of new pilots entering the hobby each month, the inevitable crashes and losses are likely to happen. The good news is that the Phantom 3 is, statistically speaking, less likely to misbehave or crash due to EITHER pilot error or hardware/software malfunction. Still, statistics don’t mean anything to the pilot who loses their bird prematurely. Read on for the the hints and tips which pertain to this exciting new flying camera.
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DJI Phantom 3 Standard discount to $699


DJI have today discounted the Phantom 3 Standard model to $699 – a price which is about 1/2 the price of what a similar model (with fewer features) would have sold for last year.

This is truly the best price ever for a Flying Camera of this type. If you are/were on the fence due to budget constraints this may be a good time to consider a purchase.

The basic model for $699 is ready to fly however most hobbyists will pick up at least one extra battery – making the total price about $850.

DJI has a package setup with one extra battery and a backpack (needed if you want to travel, hike, etc. with your Phantom) for $959.

Here are links to these deals at the DJI Store (ships worldwide).
DJI Phantom 3 Standard with single battery – $699
DJI Phantom 3 Standard with two batteries and hardshell backpack – $959

Great Deals for Sure!

Great Deals for Sure!

If you want to buy it at Amazon and get it in a day or two – check out the link below! They also give you the choice of a 2nd battery for $100 extra (usually 150)