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    On October 28-31, 2019, the 17th China International Public Safety Expo (CPSE) will be held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. With the acceleration of the construction of smart cities, smart transportation, and smart policing, drones are becoming an indispensable device for social public safety services.

    Drones in public safety

    Nowadays, illegal criminals are increasingly diversified and high-tech and traditional artificial security models are facing many difficulties. The drones equipped with multi-function pan/tilt, due to the advantages of self-planning routes, all-round monitoring in the air, accurate data collection, and automatic intelligent control, the drone quickly collects images and transmits them back to the command center in the event of an emergency. Police officers can grasp the location of the incident in real-time and deploy it in time. It has been widely used in the security field, especially in the pursuit of fugitives, patrol search, anti-terrorism and riot, traffic management, fire fighting, large-scale event security and social assistance and rescue. The task played an irreplaceable role.

    As the leading brand of industrial drones and the world's first drone company that has opened the entire industrial chain of industrial drones, MMC Aviation is committed to building automation based on reliable communications, AI big data and high-precision situational awareness technology. The drone security system is widely used in practical situations such as search and rescue, fire protection, traffic management, and emergency rescue.

    The advantages of MMC's full industrial chain technology in security:

    Utilizing the advantages of the entire industry chain technology, MMC has developed a new generation of fully automated drone security systems. As the core of the security system, MMC uses the self-developed MSpace UAV dispatching platform to realize the true three-dimensional high-precision digitization of the security monitoring area. Based on the digital scene, the MMC can automatically preset the mission route and perform big data security detection.

    As a carrier of airbase stations and rapid deployment tasks, drones are equipped with different equipments for collaborative operation and play a vital role in the security field. The MMC NOTUZIX85 drone has high load capacity and excellent endurance. The modular design further enhances reliability, ease of use, and efficient endurance, providing a reliable high-performance flight platform for the UAV security industry.

    In addition, MMC UAV monitoring equipment has the characteristics of traceability, high efficiency, and stereoscopic. By mounting ThyeaE30, ThyeaZ40, and ThyeaT2, suspicious targets can be identified, alerted, locked, and tracked in space. Among them, Thyea E30 adopts 35x optical zoom lens, 1000m laser range finder, with target fast-tracking and precise positioning function; while Thyea Z40 with 25 million pixels and 40x zoom can obtain high-definition surveillance image from long distance; Thyea T2 It integrates advanced imported detectors and high-performance pan/tilt system to support pointing movement, pointing temperature measurement, high-temperature alarm, high-temperature tracking and other functions.

    In addition, MMC's drones can also be mounted with a range of applications for assisted capture. The Thunder P1 can monitor the scene in real-time and conduct high-altitude calls. The Nova L50 has flashing, steady, and bright working modes. It has a single-axis pan/tilt that can adjust the angle of the searchlight in real-time, even at night or in dimly lit environments. It can also work at night; APOLLO FN1 comes with a high-definition camera that can accurately capture the catching net from the air to prevent illegal elements from escaping.

    The era of intelligence is coming, technology is transforming the direction of driving force, and artificial intelligence is accelerating into various industries. The emergence of drone security will break through the traditional plane security system, and the expansion of three-dimensional security is the trend of the current industry development. The MMC fully automated UAV security system accelerates the intelligent development of the security industry, making security applications no longer restricted by the limited application of personnel and technology, and truly making urban security applications more convenient, intelligent and efficient.
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    under the unified leadership of the rescue command, the fire commander and a civilian police officer carried rescue equipment and lighting equipment, hatchets, etc. to the mountains for search and rescue, until the early morning, the weather became darker and the rescuers found that there was no The road can go up. Rescuers had to go down the mountain to redeploy the rescue plan and use the loudspeakers on the heavy duty drones to scream for the trapped people and use the drone to deliver food to the trapped people.

    At 7 o’clock on the 3rd, rescuers rushed to the scene to carry out rescue. Rescuers used heavy-duty drones to find a way up the mountain for the firefighters to detect the terrain and detect the location of the trapped people. At around 14:00 on the 3rd, the rescuers finally found trapped people at the top of the mountain. Firefighters and rescuers appease the trapped people and adjust their physical strength to go down the mountain. On the way down the mountain, the rescued person took the trapped person to overcome the difficult mountain road and arrived at the foot of the mountain with the trapped person at 15:52.

    It is understood that the trapped person is a middle-aged man. He wanted to go up the mountain to find wild honey. After climbing for 10 hours to the unnamed mountain top, he found that he could not find the way down the mountain. At the rescue site, the government department linked with the Chinese industrial drone manufacturer MMC, and called 6 sets of various drones on site to add strength to the smooth rescue.
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    Its actually true Drones will help in so many ways
    Using the thermal sensing capabilities of their drones, both situations were resolved safely, and likely much quicker than otherwise possible. Along with making timely rescues, drones can augment police forces in safer searches for fleeing criminals.
    I am also using a drone it's actually a DJI drone I bought from a website with really good features and services are really very good.
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