Ar Drone 2 not taking off

Discussion in 'AR Drone by Parrot' started by Cecemel, May 8, 2016.

  1. Cecemel

    Cecemel New Member

    For some reasons, I can't get my Parrot Ar Drone 2.0 in the air.. When I press the takeoff-button, the props start to spin but the drone doesn't leave the ground.

    I'm pretty sure the ESC's and the sensors are fine because when I tilt the drone while trying to takeoff, the props that are tilted down start to turn faster.
    I'm quite frustrated and would like to fix this asap.

  2. RGJameson

    RGJameson Active Member

    Have you by chance changed out the props?
  3. Cecemel

    Cecemel New Member

    No, I didn't.
    I did straighten them, before that, the drone would take off and then just drift to one side and crash, after that, what you see in the video happens.

  4. RGJameson

    RGJameson Active Member

    Did you remove them at that time? Post a few stills at differnt angles.
  5. paigemoody547

    paigemoody547 New Member

    according to my experience you may change its props then check that

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